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    Since a friendship is supposed to be an interpersonal relationship that is considered to be more than just a simple passing association, there can be degrees of both friendships and associations. Some friends you simply value more than others. Research into the study of friends and friendship used to involve a variety of fields including sociology, psychology, and philosophy where social theories and relationship attachments were examined. However, today the Internet has the most potential for meeting people, making friends and examining the value of your friendships. Here at Friends.com we know that meeting and making new friends online is one of the most popular activities that you can do online. There are both right and wrong ways to interact and portray yourself online however. Today’s online social scene can provide a way to connect with friends and loved ones, and it can also be beneficial for professional and social purposes. A little common sense can go a long way toward making the process of making friends online a whole lot easier as well. People tend to value friends who have sympathy and empathy, and desire what is best for the other person in an honest and truthful manner. This builds trust and the enjoyment of each others company with mutual understanding and compassion. The ability to express yourself online without fear of judgment requires honesty, trust, sympathy, respect and helpfulness in a friendship.

  • Rules For Online Friends

    The rules for good online etiquette are the same rules that apply to any form of personal communication, as courtesy, decency and good manners are appreciated everywhere. Here are some tips for making new friends online: Online Friendship Rules •    Don't say something online that you wouldn't say in real life. •    Don't share things you don't want everyone to know. •    Don’t share extremely personal or private matters online. •    Don't post your exact personal identification information online. •    Do practice communicating in a neutral tone that does not sound sarcastic. •    Don’t communicate in all capital letters unless you really are shouting.

  • Friendship Poems That Express The Heart

    Express your love and gratitude to your friends with these friendship poems! These are five of the best friendship poems around. Great for any occasion, use these poems in card, on a poster, or verbally. Your friend is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness! EBFriends By: Michael W. Arms A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace. And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place. A Friend Is Someone… By: Michael W. Arms A friend is someone who cares Someone who is always there A friend is someone special Someone who you can tell everything A friend is someone who will never betray you No matter who doesn't like you A friend is someone you can trust Someone kind of like you The Best of Friends By: Michael W. Arms The best of friends, Can change a frown, Into a smile, when you feel down. The best of friends, Will understand, Your little trials, And lend a hand. The best of friends, Will always share, Your secret dreams, Because they care. The best of friends, Worth more than gold, Give all the love, A heart can hold.

  • Song Lyrics You and Your Friends Can Relate To

    1.    You've Got a Friend by James Taylor 2.    I'll Be There for You by The Rembrandts 3.    Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae 4.    That's What Friends Are For by Dionne Warwick and Friends 5.    Anytime You Need A Friend by Mariah Carey 6.    You're My Best Friend  by Queen 7.    With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles 8.    Help Somebody by Van Zant 9.    Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts 10.    My Old Friend by Tim McGraw 11.    Find Out Who Your Friends Are by Tracy Lawrence, featuring Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw 12.    Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkle 13.    We're Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes 14.    Friends by The Beach Boys 15.    Ain’t No Sunshine  by Bill Withers 16.    Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler 17.    Good Friends and a Glass of Wine by LeAnn Rimes 18.    Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C 19.    Stand By Me by Ben E. King 20.    Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves 21.    I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders 22.    You Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman 23.    Thank You by Dido 24.    Friends by Elton John 25.    In My Life by The Beatles 26.    I Turn To You by Christina Aguillera 27.    Thank You for Being a Friend  by Andrew Gold 28.    Lean On Me by Bill Withers 29.    In My Life by John Lennon and Paul McCartney 30.    Head Over Feet by Alanis Morrisette

  • Rules For Friendship

    Although there are no “exact” rules of friendship, there are some guidelines that can help create more enriching, productive, and long-lasting friendships. Many people treat friendships as if they were somehow less valuable than family or romantic relationships, but actually all friendships have the same capacity to enrich our lives and increase our general happiness. The rules of friendship are important to being happy whether you seeking a romantic partner or not, and you will be more successful in creating a quality relationship with anyone in your life if you can approach making friends from a position of independence and happiness of your own to start with. When you consider that friendships do not have the advantage of pre-existing family or legal ties to support them, it becomes clear that a true friendship can have certain qualities that other types  of your relationships do not. Real friendships are unique when compared to family, spousal, and romantic relationships in several ways. Although friendships can last beyond the lifespan of your family members and spouses, they can also be ended quickly without any further responsibilities. Real friendships are not created by legal, social, or monetary obligations, and instead are usually held together only by mutual interests, shared values, respect, and love. The Rules of Friendship: •    Friends should be loyal in both good times and bad. •    Friends respect the person and not the position or title. •    Friends keep their word and do what they say they will do. •    Friends do not talk bad about their friends. •    Friends should be honest and not critical. •    Friends will consider your point-of-view before trying to get you to see theirs. •    Friends offer help without expecting anything in return. •    Friends do not encourage you to violate your morals and principles. •    Friends tell their own friends how much they value their friendship.

  • How to Keep your Old Friends while Making New Ones

    Are you about to go off to college? Or maybe you and your family have just moved and you are starting a new school? Lots of situations arise where you are forced to make new friends, which is a great thing! That’s what we are all about here at Friends.com!  However, it’s important to stay in touch and maintain your old friendships as well! While moving to a new town or starting a new school can be traumatic, the only way to successfully cope is to make new friends!  Making new friends is the easy part (we do have a whole site devoted to it!) but it’s a little harder keeping in touch with your old ones! Especially initially, it is very important to put in the extra effort when keeping up with your old friends.  That extra phone call or text message to say you are thinking about them will really make a difference! Making a special effort to visit your old friends is important. Whether you are close enough to visit once a month, or only once a year it’s important to make those visits count! We are sure you’ll find your friendships just as easy and wonderful as when you saw each other every day!  Planning a yearly reunion around the holidays or a birthday is always a good idea! It gives you something to look forward to, making your time apart seem shorter! When you off having fun with your new friends (which you should be doing!) don’t forget about the old ones. You had great times with them too, and don’t forget to remind them about those great memories once in a while too!

  • Join Disney’s Friends for a Change!

    Disney’s Friends for a Change is helping people, the community, and the planet! Want to get on board?!  This organization is all about taking steps forward… Together with your friends and family, Disney is encouraging us to make a positive impact on the world.  Are you wondering just what that may entail?  By providing us with information, encouragement, inspiration, and the necessary tools to be a monger of change… Disney wants to make a positive impact on our world!  Banning together can great large impacts with only the smallest of efforts. This movement is all about taking action! With different levels of personal commitment, you too can be involved in making our world a better place!  Disney encourages you to make your pledge. Commit to taking positive actions in your everyday life. They divide pledges into numerous different categories which include: Disaster Relief, Plant Action, Climate, Habitat, Waste, and Water efforts.  Disney wants you to take action, see a piece of trash on the floor, pick it up and take it to the trash… it is as easy as that!  This sort of behavior is contagious, all your friends will follow your lead! Get your friends  and family involved! You can start your own Friends for a Change club! This club can be centered around whatever your interests are. You can even apply for a Friends for Change Grant!  Use the money your given to help out whatever cause you choose!  Volunteering with friends and family is more fun than volunteering alone, and the more the merrier! Disney wants to know what you and your friends want changed! By visiting their Explore and Vote portal you help decide which charities are projects receive donations! So gather all your friends and research your cause… nothing feels better than making our world a better place, and you have the opportunity, so take it!

  • How to Make Friends

    Making friends can be a difficult time for some people. But rest assured, here at Friends.com we have this process down! The first thing you have to remember when trying to make friends, is always put your best food forward! It is important to always give a great first impression.  By giving a big smile and a genuine introduction, people will automatically be drawn to you.  These first few moments a person meets you will always be in the fore front of their mind, so make sure you show them the person you are as a friend. After giving a good first impression, the next important step in making friends is reaching out. Take those first steps towards creating a friendship by calling your new friends, making plans, and following through. This will be very important in the beginning stages of a friendship. By giving ideas and making plans, you and your new friend will begin to hang out… aka start the process of becoming genuine friends. After you and your new friend have hung out a couple times, and you still feel like you two make good friends, it is time to take your friendship a little bit further.  Divulge a secret. Not a big secret, but something small to show your new friend you trust them.  For example, maybe when you were little, you had a scary experience in the pool, and ever since you’ve never been very comfortable swimming. Even though your “secret” isn’t a big deal, the fact that you chose to tell this to your new friend will mean you like them, trust them, and want to continue a good friendship.

  • Are Your Friends Facebook Stalking You?

    Facebook has now made it even easier, yet again, to creep, stalk, and investigate (whatever term makes you feel better) all of your “friends.”  Over the years Facebook, and other social networking sites, have come under intense scrutiny for redefining the boundaries of privacy. While many people question what exactly is appropriate to put on the internet for all to see,  most Facebookers are not as concerned. People post incredibly personal things, ranging from what they ate for breakfast to who their boyfriend cheated on them with.  While you may not put up every thought for the world to see, sometimes you may want to do a little stalking yourself! Ever wonder who one of your “friends” talks to frequently on Facebook? They have made a neat new Home Page, otherwise known as the Timeline, to organize stories they think you would be most interested in.  This is another great stalking tool from Facebook, except they have already managed to top themselves! When on a particular friend’s page, click on their “Friends” page. Here they have made your creeping even easier.  A list of their friends will automatically come up, organized in alphabetical order. However, there is a small ‘grid’ icon on the top right corner next to the search bar. By organizing the list by grid, the order changes. While at first glance it may look like an arbitrary or accidental list, it is not.  This list is organized by how much interaction a given set of friends has with each other.  So while stalking your boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure his/her ex isn’t very high up on that list, or you’ve got problems!  According to a spokeswoman for Facebook, the Friends page will list the people with whom you have the most interaction with – including pictures, wall posts, comments, and mutually attended events. However, they do not take into consideration whose profile you view, or who you communicate with via chat or messages. This little tool is just another way Facebook connects you with friends, whether you want to be connected or not! Use this tool to see who you have the most interaction with, it might surprise you!

  • Making Friends Online: Risky or Rewarding?

    Making friends online is a controversial topic these days. With all of the real life and online bullying occurring around the world, online friendship has proved to have its pros and cons. The advantages of having friends online include: 1.    No geographical limitation! You can have great friends from across the globe, and you aren’t limited to living near by! 2.    A closeness occurs between friends in the online world. People are much more likely to open up, divulge secrecies, and participate in deep topics through email and chat because they feel more comfortable typing the words as opposed to saying them 3.    You do not have to see, smell, or listen to them if you don’t want to! We have all had those friends with terrible body odor. Being friends online makes this a non issue! 4.    It is very simple to end a conversation when your over it, tired, or would rather talk to someone else! You can claim dozens of excuses, from a power outage to a chat malfunction! They will be none the wiser. 5.    Your friends can be of any race, sex, size or age. No need to worry about what others are thinking of you or your friend, because it is nobody’s business but your own. The disadvantages of making friends online are: 1.    You cannot physically be close to them, that means no hugs, kisses, etc. 2.    You can’t do fun spontaneous activities such as go to the beach, grab a drink at happy hour,  or go out to dinner! 3.    People online can easily pretend to be people they aren’t. Sadly there are thousands and thousands of sketchy people like child predators and rapists posing to be nice unassuming people looking for real friendships. 4.    Communicating online often leads to miscommunication without the advantages of body language and vocal tone. 5.    You don’t really know for sure who they are, unless you meet them in person. Which from the show “To Catch A Predator” we all know isn’t the best idea.

  • Are you friends, friends with benefits, or dating?

    There is often a fine line between being friends, friends with benefits, and dating. One is often synonymous with the other.  It is very common for people to move linearly through being friends, to friends with benefits, and eventually to dating. So how do you determine the stage that you and your “special friend” are at? There are many key factors to examine. There are often discrepancies depending on gender.  Females tend to move more quickly through the linear dating line than males.  Carefully inspect the following criteria to determine which stage you are in. Friendship is something we all know and value. It is someone you enjoy hanging out with (yes, sober too) and have no intense romantic feelings towards.  You do not have sex with your friends. If you are having sex with your “friend” you have moved on to the next stage in the relationship game. A friend with benefits is someone, with no strings attached, you have sex with. No dinners, no flowers.  It is described as mutually beneficial, and often the result of closing time at a bar.  Careful rules should be set and agreed upon by both parties.  Both parties need to be completely turned off by the thought of a boyfriend or girlfriend. If one person develops feelings for the other, which is often the case, it needs to be addressed. But until then, enjoy the ride! Dating is often the result of a relationship starting out as two friends that eventually move to the “benefit” part.   However, you have not yet reaching the dating stage, no matter how serious things seem to have gotten, without the timeless “boyfriend/girlfriend” conversation.  Once you realize you have feelings for a person, and you are physically attracted to them along with their personality, then why not start dating? So what point are you at? Do you want more from your current liaison?   The key to each of these relationships is communication, so talk to your partner about where they feel you both are at as well.  Who knows, maybe your friend with benefits wants more… Maybe your friend doesn’t see you as just a friend?  Either way, make a clear connection to what you and your “friend” really are!

  • Grad Gifts

    Its that time! Graduation is right around the corner! And with friends and family members having graduation parties left and right, finding the right gifts at an affordable price can be difficult! But look no further… we have compiled the perfect list! These graduation gifts will be perfect for your friends, and don’t worry, they are great for any budget! Want something cute you can pass out to ALL of your friends graduating? Congratulate them with customized M&Ms! They can have pictures, messages, or logos imprinted on them. This personalized gift is incredibly thoughtful, and every one of your friends will appreciate the gesture. This gift is especially perfect if you have a few friends graduating at once! They are cheap, easy, and are delivered fast for you last minute gifters out there! Want to upgrade a bit from M&Ms? Maybe you are looking for a grad gift for your best friend or sister, and need to put in some time, effort, and a little bit of your savings account. Dogeared makes the most beautiful necklaces. They come in gold or silver, and have multiple themes, including graduation, best friends, congratulations, best wishes, etc.  Prices range from $50-$75. Graduating and going off to college? How about a survival guide! They make Freshman survival guide books… which are helpful to anyone going off to college! But the book in a basket with some water, advil, a phone card, and some candy, and you’ve got the most perfect college kit! Whether you use one of our great ideas, or create your own, remember that it’s the thought that counts! Every graduation is special, so even if your gift is a bouquet of flowers, they will be appreciated!

  • The Rules of being a Good Friend

    Friendship isn’t easy! It’s especially difficult to maintain good, long lasting friendships. Use Friendship.com and this article to guide you through the trials and tribulations of friendship and how to best deal with any and every situation that may arise! What do you do when you friend is clearly mad at you, but you don’t know why? You’ve asked a million times, “are you mad at me?” but the answers always a sly no.  This is a tricky situation, but its easily manageable.   The first good key to a successful friendship is been open and honest. By taking time aside, and not by prefacing it with, “Can we sit down and talk,” you can get your friend to sit down, laugh a little, and almost forget why they were mad at you in the first place. When you get them to a comfortable spot, you casually bring up the tiff. If you start out by saying, “I feel like you’ve been acting differently towards me, and if there Is anything I did to cause that, please let me know, I’d love to fix it.” By doing this, you are putting all blame onto yourself.  Your friend, whatever the issue may be, will be much more likely to want to resolve the issue with you. Being a good friend also means having your friends back, no matter what the situation.  Whether your friend has been betrayed by a boyfriend, another girlfriend, or some random at a party, it’s your job as a great best friend to be ready for whatever comes your way! Another important rule, don’t date, kiss, or even crush on your friend’s ex! Never a good idea, no matter how much he/she says their over it. It’s always a big deal later and will cause anger and resentment at one point in your friendship. It’s best to avoid the situation altogether.

  • International Friendship Day

    International Friendship Day was created to promote friendship and fellowship among all human beings, regardless of their race, color or religion. Although one might think that every day is a perfectly good day to be designated as a “friendship day,” there is an actual International Friendship Day marked on calendars that has been celebrated in South American countries for many years, and especially in Paraguay, where the first World Friendship Day was proposed back in 1958. In the past, official Friendship Day observations have been held on different dates in different countries, however in 2011 the United Nations declared that the 30th of July would be the official International Friendship Day going forward even though a few countries in Asia still celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August every year. It appears the concept of a Friendship Day in the U.S. may have first come from the greeting card industry when Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1930, chose August 2nd as the a day when people should celebrate their friendships by sending each other greeting cards. Friendship Day had also been championed by the National Greeting Card Association in the 30’s, but failed to catch on with the public because it was seen at the time as an obvious commercial ploy to sell more greeting cards. By the 40’s the support for Friendship Day in the U.S. had fallen to the point that the holiday had nearly died out. The holiday was largely forgotten until several countries in Asia later adopted it and kept it alive until the UN declaration in 2011. The revival of interest in Friendship Day in Asia appears to have been driven by the rise of the Internet in India, Bangladesh and Malaysia where the rapid proliferation of personal computers and mobile phones made it much easier to get in touch with old friends. Today the holiday is marked in South Asia with the exchange of Friendship Day gifts like flowers, cards and jewelry. In Asia and parts of South America today, friends acknowledge each other with exchanges of “friendship bands” that have become a tradition in places like India, Nepal and Paraguay. On July 27th in 2011 the General Assembly of the United Nations designated July 30th as the official International Day of Friendship; and invited all Member States to observe the Day of Friendship in accordance with the culture and customs of their local, national and regional communities, including through education and public awareness-raising activities. The cause of promoting friendship and fellowship among all human beings, regardless of their race, color or religion is always a good idea, no matter what day the calendar might say it is.

  • Friendship Quotes To Remember

    The concept of friendship is one of the most important notions in all societies. Use these quotes to show your friends how you really feel about them: A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. Elbert Hubbard A friend to all is a friend to none. Aristotle A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away. Bil Keane A man's growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends. Ralph Waldo Emerson A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. Arnold H. Glasow An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. Buddha Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. George Washington But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine. Thomas Jefferson Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go. Margaret Walker Friends are born, not made. Henry B. Adams Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Aristotle The only way to have a friend is to be one. Ralph Waldo Emerson Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. Anais Nin A friend is one who walks in when others walk out. Walter Winchell A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else. Len Wein Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend. Albert Camus Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. Elbert Hubard I get by with a little help from my friends. John Lennon Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Bible: Ecclesiastes Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends. Mary Catherwood

  • Friendship Faux Pas

    There is no way around the fact that a true and genuine friendship is a two-way street that does require a bit of effort and awareness if you want to keep a good relationship alive. Making new friends is good, but once you’ve made a new friend will you have to treat the relationship properly, or you won’t have that friend for long. Like all significant relationships in out lives, new friendships require a combination of time, effort, and attention.  Although many people seem to know the basics of being a good friend, not everyone is aware of the things you should not do in a friendship that can cause lasting damage. Friendships are similar to many good things in life in that what you will get out of it is usually equal to the quality of the effort and energy you put into it. In order to help you to better maintain your friendships and create lasting bonds, here is a look at a few of the things good friends should never do: Don’t Be Jealous - You should be genuinely glad for your friend’s good qualities and achievements. A little bit of humorous or friendly envy is acceptable, but outright jealousy, and mean-spirited jealous behaviors and comments will not earn you many points. The same goes for going overboard with your own self-congratulatory moments or bragging over your own accomplishments. You don’t want to send the message that your friend’s life and accomplishments are not nearly as important as yours are. Don’t Be Unreliable – Dependability is a very important part of friendship, and you won’t have that new friend for long if you aren’t a reliable person who stands by their word and can be counted on when needed. Don’t show up late, and by all means don’t fail to do those things for your friend that you said you would do. Your friend will feel they aren’t worth your time if you cannot be reliable. Don’t Be a Complainer - Good friends listen carefully to each other’s concerns, and share sympathies when things go wrong in life. But if you monopolize every conversation with your own concerns and complaints in life, and get so caught up in your own issues that you forget your friend has a life too, your friend may suddenly start avoiding you and making themselves unavailable. Put your own issues aside every now and then and don’t forget to ask about how your friend is getting along in life. Don’t Be a Hypocrite - One of the fastest ways to terminate a friendship is to betray the trust your friend has in you and share their innermost feelings and concerns with the rest of the world as a convenient gossip topic. When your friend confides in you, they expect you to honor your friendship and keep their confidences to yourself unless instructed to do otherwise. Very little good ever comes out of talking about your friend when they are not present. Don’t Keep Score – Finances and personal favors are a two-way street in a true friendship. Both friends should be able to count on each other for small personal favors and even small personal loans if needed. But big favors and big loans can lead to trouble when things are not reciprocal and can cause a friend to start keeping a “tab” of the score of who owes who more. Keeping a running tab for every single thing you’ve done for your friend, or every time you picked up the bill for lunch can go beyond annoying, and can terminate a friendship permanently.

  • Friendship Problems

    Every once in a while a conflict arises with one of your friends. It is totally normal, and can be easily fixed with these simple conflict management tools! Whether it is just a little fight, or an issue that can result in life changing results, read these tips to better deal with your friends! What do you do when you feel drained from putting in all the effort into your friendship? This is a common problem amongst friends, and can easily result in the dissolution of your friendship.  The key here is communication. By expressing your feelings to your friend, he or she is put in the position of action. They will either realize their wrong doing and make an attempt to fix the problem, or they are not in fact a real friend. When approaching this situation, it is important to use the proper wording. Approach the conversation with, “I feel like” instead of  “You are…” This will be better received; as opposed to your friend feeling attacked right off the bat. What do you do when a friend stops talking to you? This is a tricky subject, because there are lots of variables. First of all, look to yourself for any changes or issues you may be causing. If you are the stressor on the relationship, you need to make appropriate changes before your friendship can be mended. This is very hard for most people. It is hard to hold yourself accountable for any wrong doings, but is essential for conflict resolution. If you have done absolutely nothing wrong, and you are sure of it, it is time to look to the other party. Again, by using the proper verbiage, approach the situation with caution. “I feel confused about our friendship, and why you have stopped talking to me,” is a good way to start the conversation. What do you do when a friend starts going down the wrong path? Maybe they begin to have problems with drugs or alcohol. Maybe they are hanging out with the wrong crowd. It is your obligation as a real friend to step in and attempt to intervene. First call of action is to carefully approach the situation one on one. Sit your friend down and express your concerns about their recent behavior. If they understand your concern, and want to fix it, great! If they are in a state on denial, the problem just got more complicated. Give them an opportunity to realize their mistakes on their own once you have sat them down and expressed your concerns. If time goes by and they continue their bad behavior, further actions should be taken. Depending on the severity of the proposed problems, you can either hold a “friend intervention,” discuss the problem with a parent or teacher, or go the tough love route. Whichever you choose, choose carefully, because this is a sensitive situation. In order to properly resolve whatever issues you are having with your friends, you must learn from each and every experience. Learn how you would like to be approached with friendship problems, and use that to tackle future friend conflicts.

  • Friendship, Ladies, and Promiscuity

    A new study by Cornell University shows that women of all ages (teen, young 20’s, even as late as 50 years of age) generally have negative attitudes about maintaining a friendship with a promiscuous female.

    Essentially, the study defined a promiscuous female as one who had slept with at least 20 persons by their early 20’s. These women were most likely to be rejected a friendship by other women. Experts are not entirely sure why this is, but they have a theory; an evolutionary instinct to protect our relationships.
    The study consisted of the following: 
    751 University students at Cornell were selected to participate. Each person provided explicit information on their sexual history as well as their views on casual and formal sex. Each person was to read an almost identical story about a male or female peer, the only difference in the story was whether the character had 2 or 20 lifetime sexual partners. Each student then would rate the character on their potential friendship factors, such as morality, competence, warmth, overall likeability and emotional stability.
    The results are fascinating:
    All female participants (regardless of their OWN promiscuity) viewed other promiscuous females more negatively. So much more negatively, in fact, that the female participants ranked promiscuous women badly in 9 out of 10 friendship attributes. Even the female participants who are actively promiscuous themselves viewed the promiscuous character negatively.
    The men, however, showed no difference whatsoever in friendship rankings vs. male character promiscuity.
    This coorelation is consistent with the societal double standard that we uphold: Promiscuous women are ‘easy’ and ‘whore-ish’ while promiscuous men are ‘studly’ and ‘accomplished’.

  • Making Friends with Online Forums

    Checking out the thousands of online forums and message boards where people share the same interests might be the best way possible to make new friends today. The easiest and quickest way to make new friends online today is to check out some of the thousands of online forums and message boards where people are interested in meeting new people that share the same interests in life. The trick is to use your favorite hobbies, sports, or any other particular interests that you may enjoy and then locate a forum where people gather to talk specifically about that interest online. Although you might think your particular interest may not be shared by many people, the Internet has made it possible for people with an interest in every subject or topic imaginable to gather in one place to discuss the finer points of their passions no matter where in the world they live. In the past, people interested in a specific topic were separated by time and distance, and many pursued their interests alone without ever finding anyone else who shared their passion. Now, it is almost a certainty that anyone anywhere can make new friends that share their interests regardless of how narrowly focused or esoteric the focus might be. The Internet has so much content today that is easy to find websites with information on anything you can think of, but when it comes to making new friends online, joining and participating in an online forum is the most direct way of communicating with other people interested in the same things. Making forum friends is accomplished in the same basic way you would make friends offline, and over time real friendships will naturally develop because it is much easier to make friends with someone who shares your interests than it is to befriend a complete and total stranger and then try to find a common interest. Joining an online forum discussion group means sharing information freely and making intelligent contributions that add value to the community you are trying to make friends in. In the virtual world, people will share real stories about their success and failure in specific endeavors beyond just general chatting and posting brief comments about every thought and action they might have during the day. Online forums are more focused on a particular central interest and the environment encourages deeper thinking and real insights in a community interested in discussing the topics that are closest to your own heart. The subjects and topics can range from the mundane and general, to singularly focused niches that cover a particular interest in minute detail. You’ll still also have the advantages and disadvantages of being physically separated from the other forum participants by geography, as well by as the anonymity that the Internet provides, but forums also provide direct communication with people that are knowledgeable and passionate about the same things you are interested in. And if you decide to take things to the next level and make a real-time, real world friend out of an online friend, you always have the option of meeting offline in the real world if you can find forum friends that live near you, or if you can manage to travel to meet them at some point in the future. In this light, online forums might be the very best way possible to make lasting new friends that you might have otherwise never been able to meet at all.

  • Learn How To Make Friends

    Everyone needs friends! Maybe you just moved to a new town, or decided to take a new direction in life, and you need some friends! How do you make them? Certainly not by sitting at home by yourself! The key is putting yourself in social situations. Use these tips to get out there and make friends! Join a sports team!  There is no need for extreme athleticism here, there are tons of low key, casual teams in every city!  Join a softball, soccer, tennis, football, or even chess team! Whatever you prefer, you will meet other individuals with similar interests as you… which is the first key to making friends! Join a club! There are many different programs with a focus on a variety of different interests. Again, this is a great way to meet people who are into doing the same things as you are! Whether your potential organization is animal, social, religious, or business based, you will be surrounded with people who are just as interested in meeting you as you are them! Volunteer! What better way to meet quality people than to give your time with other people who enjoy bettering the community as well!  You will meet people of all ages, and diversity in your friends is important. People who volunteer tend to be sweet and caring people, which are essential qualities in a friend. Once you have put yourself in these social situations, there are a few key things to remember.  Make eye contact and smile. No one wants to approach you, or for that matter, be approached by someone with an unfriendly look upon their face! When you introduce yourself, and someone does the same, remember their name! No one responds better to their own name being called, and you will be perceived as a thoughtful, intelligent person.   Make small talk! People will appreciate your willingness to interact.  Initiate getting together! That is when your true friendship will start to blossom!

  • Tripbirds: The New Site to Customize Travel with Friends

    Turn your friends social media posts into a perfected and personalized travel guide!  Tripbirds.com is a great site that helps you “Discover the World with a Little Help from  your Friends.” We love the slogan, we love the concept, and we love the site! You can plan the perfect trip by getting recommendations from your friends, you can give recommendations as well as give postitive or negative feedback, and follow your friends trips to get inspired and plan your own!  Basing reviews, posts, and pictures from the top 3 social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare, Tripbirds does all the hard work for you! Tripbirds is brand new,  and creating quite the buzz. Instead of relying on your friends to create content for a travel site, this site gathers everything they post already, and combines it into a perfect little travel guide for you!  All posts and pictures are automatically geotagged and organized chronologically.  You can even search for a particular place while planning your trip, for example, if you are traveling to Barcelona, by entering your destination into the site, you can generate a list of people from your social networking sites making it very easy to reach out to them directly to ask for tips and suggestions. Though this one might be our favorite, there are a few other sites that do similar things. Wanderfly, Gtrot, Gogobot, and Trippy are all travel, user generated, relatively new start ups that all have the same goal in mind, consolidated easy travel guides for the social travelers around the world.

  • Friends in Low Places

    Although the term “friends” has been the subject of much literature, perhaps the most infamous use is that by Garth Brooks in his song “Friends in Low Places.” The topic of “friends” has been the subject of many popular stories, poems and songs. Perhaps one of the most infamous uses of “friends” in a modern American song was when it was used rather paradoxically by Garth Brooks. Troyal Garth Brooks is a successful American country music artist whose progressive approach to including elements of rock and roll music in country music recordings and live performances has earned him huge popularity around the world. His first album was released in 1989 and reached number 2 in the US country album chart while his subsequent recordings have earned him dozens of awards over the years as his work has crossed over into the mainstream pop genre and exposed country music to a much larger audience. Friends in Low Places" is a song released by Brooks in 1990 that took only eight weeks to reach #1 on the Billboard Hit Chart where it stayed for four weeks, making it one of Brook’s biggest hits and eventually one of the top favorite tunes among his legion of fans. Brooks and the song's co-composers DeWayne Blackwell and Bud Lee, got the idea for the song that eventually became one of country music’s all-time greatest hits when they ran out of cash at a popular Nashville eatery and when the check came Lee said “Don't worry. I have friends in low places. I know the cook.” The group recognized that the line "friends in low places" had potential, but they didn't act upon it until Brooks included it on his hit “No Fences” album. The tune is a ballad about a cowboy who turns up at the engagement party or wedding reception of an old flame. The song is a crowd pleaser whenever Brooks introduces it with the recognizable four note arpeggio on his acoustic guitar that always brings roars of applause. Right from the beginning, the song caused a commotion in the press as Brooks was receiving constant letters from high school students saying that they wanted to use it as their "class song," only to have it opposed by their principals because the song is about escaping into drinking. In time, Brooks agreed with the principals and said “We've had a lot of fun with that song, but it's nothing to base your values on.” When performed live, Brooks always invites the audience to sing the mysterious third verse which is only performed live and contains a mild expletive that is often confused and sung incorrectly. The actual lyrics to the mysterious and infamous third verse are:   “I guess I was wrong I just don't belong But then, I've been there before And everything is alright I'll just say goodnight And I'll show myself to the door I didn't mean to cause a big scene Just wait 'til I finish this glass Then sweet little lady I'll head back to the bar And you can kiss my ass”

  • Bad Friend Quotes

    Sometimes we need to identify and separate the good friends from the bad friends in our lives because a bad friend can be worse than an open enemy.

    No one really needs to be reminded that bad friends in life are usually troublesome. The difference between friends and enemies sometimes gets blurred when companions who were once your friends turn into adversaries, and when they turn out to be bad they can be worse than open enemies because they know your secrets and can turn on you at anytime. Bad friends should always be kept at a distance because they will often betray you without any apparent motive. This means it is critically important to confide only in your true friends and identify your bad friends in time to avoid them and the troubles they can bring into your life. In short, it’s best to get rid of your bad friends as quickly as possible. To help you better identify and eliminate the bad friends in your life, here are some helpful unattributed quotes about bad friends and bad relationships:
    A friend in need is a friend to be avoided.
    Friendship is delicate as a glass, and once broken it can sometimes be fixed but there will always be cracks.
    Your closest friend may turn out to be your greatest enemy.
    Friends are like roses because you have to look out for the thorns.
    Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it.
    Whoever said friendship is always easy never had a true friend.
    Friends are just enemies who don't have enough guts to kill you.
    A friend who gains power and control is a friend lost.
    People are not your friends if they're paid to kiss your feet.
    Save me from my friends because I know who my enemies are.
    As we grow older we don’t lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are.
    Friends can be made by many acts and are often lost by only one.
    An open enemy is better than a false friend.
    Life is too short to spend with someone who makes your days difficult.
    An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; as a wild beast can harm your body, but an evil friend can wound your soul.

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