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  1.   Scroll down to the footer links areas.
  2.  Scroll over to the Backgrounds link (or) Background color link.
  3. And the Sport Images link & Sport Backgrounds links
  4.  Pick your background page from one of these links.
  5.  Then move you mouse on the background picture you like.
  6.  Then left click on your mouse, to save link as to your desktop (or) lab top.
  7.  Then go back to your Profile area.
  8.  Then look for change background link, then hit that link.
  9.  Then scroll down a little to where it Say Browse link and hit that link.
  10.  Look for were you save you background skin on your computer for you profile background chosen.
  11.  Upload it
  12.  then save it.
  13.  that all
  14.  Then close it and then re-fresh your profile for re-open.
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